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It really is okay to be 40, or 45, or 80, or whatever. Moe on January 19, at pm.

I just finished watching the accompanying behind the scenes video and it just baffles me. One of the things I love about photos from the 60s is that there was real photographic talent in play. Photography has gotten lazy. The eyes definitey do a lot to make her look doll-like, especially in the second photo — the pupils are far too large for the amount of light that seems to be around. Of course, the airbrushing, mouth and general weirdness of the shots also add to the overall effect.

Melissa on January 19, at pm. She looks like an airbrush portrait rendered by an alien who is guessing at what humans might look like. And the teddy bear just adds an extra element of creepiness. Veronica on January 20, at am. One would think a grown woman like her would have learned to live peacefully with herself, and not want photos of herself in magazine where she so obviously has been changed dramatically.

Nicole Holofcener is a totally awesome director and Ms. This is just so sad.

Wicked Allure

Apropos of nearly nothing, the artist Laurie Simmons has a series of photographs of a real doll, dressed and shot to appear human. You hit the nail on the head. She completely looks like a RealDoll tm. Why would they sign off on these? Personally, I have an issue with RealDolls. But for those without physical limitations or severe social disorders who use RealDolls as a replacement for interactions and relationships with real women, I find it a deeply unhealthy thing. Comment 2: Seconding the suggestion for checking out Friends With Money.

Audrey on January 25, at pm.

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I submitted it to Photoshop Disasters. I had to. Her blank, plastic expressionless face will haunt me in my dreams forever. Marya Hart on January 27, at pm. Kath on January 28, at am. Erica on January 30, at pm.

Hot-A1S3 Malificant Allure - Wicked Ways

Sweetnfat on January 30, at pm. I wonder very much what the original photos must have looked like. Rebecca Keesing on February 14, at pm. AnonyMouse on March 19, at pm. Your email will not be published or shared.

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Two Whole Cakes. The EYES!

Why the Wicked Witch Isn't Dead - The timeless allure of witch hunting. - LGF Pages

They're boring into my SOUL! J on January 19, at pm. This is thoroughly disturbing. Thanks for shining some light on it. Marinn on January 19, at pm. Also, I love you for mentioning Cylons. Lesley on January 19, at pm. Bahahahahahahahahaha Reply. Brigitte Bardot, though, looks amazing in the picture you linked to. Clownremover: Comment made my day.

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Willow on January 19, at pm. The Stepford Wives! Mimi on January 20, at pm.

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Marley on January 19, at pm. That ad is AUGH so creepy! Morgan on January 19, at pm. Berdawn on January 20, at am.

Holls on January 20, at pm. Lesley on January 26, at am. She looks like a doll of Barbra Streisand. Excellent craftsmanship, I must say.

Wicked Allure Wicked Allure
Wicked Allure Wicked Allure
Wicked Allure Wicked Allure
Wicked Allure Wicked Allure
Wicked Allure Wicked Allure
Wicked Allure Wicked Allure

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