The Year Without Michael

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Where have you been? Were you asleep? He is the greatest. So, to sum it up: I would like to have Michael back for his family and for us, the fans who are madly in love with him. But I guess Michael would hate us if the Lord would grant us our wish because all the tabloid-drama and all the suffering would start anew. He is at peace now and he is safe with the Lord.

No one can hurt him anymore. See you soon, I love you, Austin. He spoke exactly the words I thought a few months ago, too. And sometimes I wish when my day comes not only Jesus will receive me, but also Michael! I hope this is no sin. I hope it is not a sin to look forward to meet someone there you loved so very much. But our good Lord is full of love for us and is merciful so I think he will understand! Would I take Michael back? IF we could remember what it was like to lose him……if the world would be changed even more by having known him, lost him, and gotten him back……if the media would stop telling lies about him……if he would finally receive the honor that is due him…..

In a perfect world, maybe. I do believe, for Michael, he is in the best place he could possibly be right now. Michael is with us now more than ever. As someone else said, he is now able to touch each of us individually and to know us personally as he was never able to do before. He is comforting and loving us all through this — his LOVE was large enough to reach around the world! Because of that one statement, he has left us with a treasure of beautiful songs and words from his heart to ours.

What a wonderful gift!! For him, music was an expression of his soul…. We can believe that he meant it if he sang it!! I have just read what you posted on the website about the question. And even now you have got me thinking as well. And my answer to that would be honestly for his children not for me to see him perform again not so he can carry on entertaining the world with his talent he has all ready gave his all to the entertainment world.

A Year Without George Michael, My First Queer Hero

As much as we all know Michael love to sing to dance it also cause him so much pain people deceived him and the media try to break him. Now his children loved Michael as father as a human being not as Michael Jackson the king of pop it is two different things its two different feelings to be loved for what you do and to be loved for who you are. Yes that might sound harsh but yes I did love Michael Jackson as an entertainer the legendry king of pop but all Michael wanted was to be loved as a human being and there are only three loving people who did that and that was his children as much as I would want Michael back as an entertainer it is not my place to choose.

If has happy where he is now in gods arms then let that be. I was just serving through the net a couple of minutes ago, and then I came across the read the article that you wrote yesterday, about MJ not being with us in He died before his time; he died before we could say we were sorry, he died before we could see the beauty that was in him again, he died before he could see his children grow and be the second generation of event changers that could heal the world.

He died before he could say I love you again to his mother and maybe his dad , brothers, and sisters.

Without Michael, the Jacksons prepare to tour

He died because he was good, but so hurt by all. God, like you said, had a plan for MJ, we had him, and we were blessed, now that we lost him, we are saddened.

A great sadness that will always remain, because now there is a void in our lives, the place in our hearts and souls that was once for MJ is now broken, hurting, and spilling. Maybe, in time it will heal, but believe me when I say, it will never be the same. It will never be like it was for even if we remember, even if talk, we are now half filled — Once gone, forever is lost as what they say.

Never-the-less, we will, one day be heal. One day, we shall rejoice — one day.

Bleedin' Blue

MJ hears. Let us learn from our mistakes, let us take us the mantle that MJ has left behind and let us be as one. For God is great, for he saw that his child was suffering, he bestowed mercy upon him, and to us, his mercy shall also come — One day. For anyone who is thinking about this question, what would be the first thought to come to your mind? Did MJ get anything from the public aside from the love of his fans? The media ridiculed him, and others in the public believed them, why? Some would criticize me right at this minute for liking MJ to Christ, if you do, you do not understand my point.

My point simply is that MJ was like a child, he projected himself with the qualities of a child that Jesus Christ so lovingly showed us himself. MJ showed us these qualities, what we should have done, were to look up to him and thank him for his love, his kindness, and his devotion. Would I like him back? Where there is nothing to hate, to complain about, and to blaspheme or blame somebody for. He is at peace — he is at last at peace, I should praise God for his kindness and mercy. Knowing, that even in the second time around, there, yes will be change, but will it be enough?

Will it suffice? Will the media stop?


Will we love? Will we forgive? Will we say thank you? I end with questions to probe your minds, think about it and tell me what you think. Oh how I do miss MJ so very much.

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But I have not the words here to explain because I am simply speechless. There are no words to explain my utter grief and pain. I agree that I would prefer to have him back for his children if for no other reason. That gives me comfort but for now it still does not ease my pain. No one and I mean no one other than MJ fans understands how I feel. My family is trying to be supportive and understanding but they are dumbfounded as to why I cannot put him to rest since I never knew him personally.

I agree that for me it feels as if he died yesterday. Every fiber of my being does not want to accept that he is gone. His brother Jackie stated that he is no longer afraid to die because he knows that Michael is on the other side to paraphrase him. I completely feel the same way. I think about the excitement of seeing Michael when my time finally comes to my logical and rational brain, this thought seems utterly absurd to me since I did not know him personally. But what can I say — I feel what I feel. I love you Applehead from now until eternity. Yes I would like him back for everyone and I would get the chance to see him live at this is it.

But I would rather have Michael in the hands of God not in the hands of the media. Michael is safe with God he is out of pain out of the Medias away when no one or anything can hurt his soul. Michael can be who he wants to be without being judged by anyone without being called wako jacko without being accused of things that he would never ever do.

The Year Without Michael by Susan Beth Pfeffer | Scholastic

The only thing that breaks my heart is his children how he loved them and how they loved him. I would love him to come back for them not me not the rest of the fans just for his children. So you ask the question would you take him back into this world if you could? Watch the full documentary here. If you can afford a small donation, we would be very grateful. Can somebody please tell me?

I want whatever God wants. Would you take him back into this world if you could? I think he would want to be back no matter what.

Back on the road: The Jacksons prepare for tour without Michael

But that can cause trouble for an ensemble comedy. But now — now without Steve Carell and Michael Scott — the office has gotten a lot bigger. Andy — not the ever-so-insane Dwight, not the normal, everyman Jim, but Andy — is the boss, and that brings with it a whole new set of trials and tribulations, missteps and misgivings. Probably not. But could Robert California get hired as manager and succeed to CEO within months, then just hang around Scranton, PA when the main offices are in Tallahassee, seemingly for no good reason other than to make his employees paranoid?

It even gave us back the infamous Todd Packer and gifted us Catherine Tate as Nellie from across the pond. It has more sparkle.

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The Office had gotten stale, unoriginal and downright boring at times. Without the Steve Carell crutch, the show has picked itself up by its bootstraps, generating more creativity, and new storylines and new locations. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery.

The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael The Year Without Michael
The Year Without Michael

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