The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series)

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is a continuation of The Watchers series by Lynnie Purcell. That was such a great book series. This series begins a few years after the last series ended, about three years. The book is enjoyable. Clare and the other Saints travel the world saving people from the bad Watchers. The story opens with Clare on a mission in Bangkok when she encounters a potential threat who disappears as quickly as This is a continuation of The Watchers series by Lynnie Purcell.

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The story opens with Clare on a mission in Bangkok when she encounters a potential threat who disappears as quickly as she appears. This thing is pure evil and can infect victims.

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It creates a vision in Daniel that turns him into a nightstalker. Clare has to chase him for two days before catching him.

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Then, she has to stab him in the shoulder to keep him from running off again. She has to invade his mind to reach the logical person who is Daniel. Clare and Daniel return home only to learn that Reaper is suspiciously missing. Once Alex realizes that Reaper is missing, she knows she can find him.

She knows they are connected enough that she can find him out in the woods and she knows right away that there is something not quite right with him. Yet, she wonders if they should break up. So, she avoids him. This particular story arc is not really the most logical and is one of my least favorite of all the storylines from all the books. Alex, who has a vital character from the beginning is barely a part of this book. The Hunter is a tar creature that was trapped by Farrah because it had become so evil.

As far as villains go, it is definitely different. At the same time, how do you convince a desperate group of watchers that your death will do nothing to change their fates? When the fight finally comes it is sort of anti-climatic. The excitement starts when Mathias gets involved in the fight as well. He and Clare make a great team for destroying tar monsters.

The Guardian, Book 2

The cliff-hanger at the end of the book, however, is brilliant. There is such a strong desire to see what happens to Clare, when and how she and Daniel find each other again, etc… Overall, this book is a good read. It is obvious that Lynnie loves these characters. I look forward to reviewing the rest of the books in this series. Overall a 3 out of 5 stars. Nov 07, Ashleigh Day rated it it was amazing.

Guardians of Destiny Series

I would tell but I don't wanna ruin a surprise! To find out the next part of what happens you must read The second book of the Guardians! Oct 25, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: heaven-and-hell , supernatural , young-adult , ebooks , kickass-ladies , love-love-love. Lynnie Purcell is quickly making her way to the top of my favourite author list!

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The Hunter picks up 3 years after we last saw everyone and it doesn't take long for things to get moving. All of my favourite characters return and bring along with them some new surprises and problems. I can't tell if I spent most of the book concerned for Clair's safety or worried about what decision Alex was going to make! I love Alex and I'm hoping that everything goes the way I want it to.

By the end they have an idea of where to look but are still buried under a mountain of questions. We're drawn back for book two by the big cliffhanger we're left on. I definitely cannot wait to get into the next book. Things are definitely ramping up in King's Cross and I need to know how it all turns out! May 13, Jennifer Jernigan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone. Shelves: recommend-must-reads , read-in The Hunter was fantastic!

I loved the wit, the sarcasm and the humor. There were certain line that had me laughing outloud Daniel trying to distract Clare by telling her he was going to shave his entire body, LOL. The story is very entertaining, well thought out and engaging. I enjoyed the natural transition from one enemy to another who didn't just come out of nowhere. It is a must read Read those first! Jul 19, Saylaveev rated it really liked it. I have really enjoyed this author and the series she's putting together. Gotta say though, the "tar creature" just kept reminding me of the "tar creature" in Star Trek Next Generation.

I'm ok with that. Looking forward to the next one, but I gotta say, cliffhanger at the end?!!

May 30, Fionacrowe rated it it was amazing. Great to see all the characters back, very easy to fall back into the story line though would recommend reading the watcher series of books first. Well done Lynnie, another great book full of suspense, excitement and laughs.

Now hurry up with the next one -I need my fix :. Feb 01, Melissa rated it it was ok. I couldn't bring myself to finish it. I loved the Watcher series but this was disappointing.

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Apr 30, Nickole rated it it was amazing. View 2 comments. Aug 04, Sam Osborne rated it it was amazing. They find them in the Geminin embassy, where Aryll has strapped Hysan to a bomb he bolted to the floor. He walks away from her then, thinking that Rho has made her choice. Rho returns to Capricorn with her brother, and Ophiuchus reaches out again with one final revelation:. She then reaches out to Ambassador Crompton of Aquarius and confides in him that her mom is an Aquarian Riser, and she asks him to try to find her. Crompton agrees, and he also invites her to Aquarius. When they get to Aquarius, Mathias reunites with Pandora, and Rho is forced to admit that the two forged a real connection while they were in captivity together.

A place where all citizens of the Zodiac, regardless of House, can live together in harmony. The Tomorrow Party hosts a royal ball, and while everyone seems impressed by Blaze and his followers, Stan distrusts the movement, finding it to be elitist. Then Hysan walks into the ballroom with the stunning Skarlet Thorne of Aries on his arm, and Rho is shattered.

When Rho gets a chance to talk to Hysan, though, she finds out he and Skarlet are just friends.

The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series) The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series)
The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series) The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series)
The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series) The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series)
The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series) The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series)
The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series) The Keeper (Book 2: The Guardian Series)

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