The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)

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This will leave your mouth hanging open. The ridiculous, revengeful anger of innocent children travels this story along and through your veins until it settles in your mind and heart and blows away your sense of righteousness. Tess Allan wrote this short story with just enough words that nothing else needs to be said.

Sometimes prejudice just out rules love and the end is destruction. This is truly a great book. Buy Now! It is a quagmire that India realizes is turning out to be almost as unsettling as the life she is already living.

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This ebook novella is available from Amazon. Get the inside scoop now! The Jewel Thief Love Bites Jewel Capri is on the fast track with her jewelry design business and it looks like things are only going to get better when she ties into one of the most popular women in Dallas, Soraline Baugh, a woman who seems to have the power to make or break her career. But Jewel has no idea what awaits her as she finds herself caught in the middle of a cloudy world of television and professional sports personalities.

Jewel Thief

When Jewel discovers who Wayman really is all she wants is out. But does she? Love Bites are quick short reads. So sit back and enjoy these romantic appetizers. Article: The short Ebook, the right price, and the right subjects.

Inside The 'Life And Crimes' Of A Career Jewel Thief

Box , Miller Place, NY , email: cyberpoet optonline. Author Shelia Goss says in her Goodreads review that Eldridge-Love's poems "sing off the pages", while"love it" is a first utterance by many others who have read it. You can now read Peach Seeds online at issuu. Click Here! She is also intrigued by the inner workings of her extended family and what she is perceiving about the quality of the lives of the women who surround her.

Click Here to Order. Holding It Together With Band-Aids and Safety Pins An engaging poetic look at the social, emotional, economic, and political struggles of the early twenty-first century that impact the lives of both young and old. It finds people where they are, who they are, and what they are doing to try to cope and understand their changing world. It whispers of the mysteries of complex relationships to the anguish of facing incomprehensible grief. It speaks of you and it speaks of me. Famous, if appalling, gem dealer Jean Baptiste Tavernier, actually stole the stone from the third eye of a sacred a Hindu idol, so the story goes, and managed to escape with it and his life somehow and fled with it back to France.

Supposedly that was the beginning of the curse -- because you know, you really shouldn't desecrate temples.

But it was nowhere near the end of the thefts. At that point it was called the French Blue, and was one of the most valuable of the crown jewels. It was seized by the revolutionaries, and locked up in the Garde Meuble along with all the other seized treasures, while the king and queen were locked up in prison, losing their heads over the French Revolution. But rather than being safe in it's revolutionary gem prison, it was then stolen again from the room where the treasures were locked up along with the rest of the jewels by some of the more drunken citizens of France.

One night, while it's previous owner was awaiting trial read: execution , jewel thieves broke into the vault and absconded with part of the Royal treasure. They found the task so easy that they came back again the next night with some friends for a second helping. But word got around, though apparently not to the police , and by the third night, over 30 revelers showed up to rob the treasury again -- bringing music, food and copious amounts of wine with them. It was such a rager that when the gendarme showed up the next morning to investigate complaints, the not only was the vault cleaned out, some of the thieves were still passed out on the ground.

While their very French approach to the theft had turned pillage into a party, it also made it fairly easy to recover the gems. The French Blue was one of the only pieces not recovered This story is about Joeseph Grizzard, a jewel thief who wasn't actually drunk- although you'd never have guessed it if you met him. In a British jeweler named Max Mayer was the lucky owner of an exquisite and ultra-rare strand of priceless, matched pink pearls.

But not for long. The necklace was referred to by the New York Times as the "Mona Lisa of Pearls," and it was just too tempting a target for Grizzard- the era's most notorious but uncatchable jewel thief. The theft of the famous pink pearl necklace took place that summer in London, and when all was said and done, what Grizzard had pulled off was more like to a magic trick than a robbery. Grizzard stole the necklace from inside of a sealed box , a box identical to thousands of others, and buried in one of hundreds of identical bags of mail.

Not only did he find it, and snag it, without getting caught- he managed to steal the necklace from within the still-sealed box, and then replace the priceless contents with eleven French sugar cubes, wrapped in shreds of French newspaper. What was the significance of the weirdly specific and aggressively French replacement contents? Nobody really knows.

Maybe it was a private joke. Maybe he was trying to frame a Frenchman. But ultimately, Grizzard did a lot of crazy things for totally inexplicable reasons. Unlike most thieves, Grizzard didn't need the money. He couldn't have needed it less, in fact- he was a very rich man. One who actually enjoyed both great wealth and great status, and it was never clear why he compulsively stole jewels. Supposedly he did it just for the fun of it. And like a serial killer, he delighted in the fact that police knew but couldn't charge him. He once invited the cops into his mansion during a posh dinner party to search for a large diamond necklace they were sure he'd also stolen.

After the frustrated detectives finally left, he pulled the necklace out of his bowl of soup and laughed his ass off in front of a table full guests. Many of whom had been served drinks from a huge sold gold Ascot Cup commissioned by the King. And stolen by Grizzard. Jack Roland Murphy, or Murf the Surf, as he was known, was a fun loving guy.


He was a was a national surfing champion, a concert violinist and a tennis pro. But mostly he was a professional nonprofessional; he threw parties, hung with his bros and traveled the world surfing and generally having a good time He probably could have hung out with Grizzard -- if they hadn't been separated by more than half a century. On the night of Oct. Morgan Jewel Collection -- which included such baubles as massive, sunshine colored Eagle diamond, the The "Jewel Heist of the Century," as it was dubbed by the press, was no violent crime, brilliant con, or masterful coordinated theft.

If fact, it was a crime so simple a pro surfer could do it. Maybe only a pro surfer. What Murphy and his equally physically fit friend did was exploit the fact that the Gem Hall is on the upper floor of the gargantuan, castle like museum. The fortress was so seemingly insurmountable that no one had ever previously bothered to guard the room from outside the building.

In fact, Murphy noticed a few days earlier that the windows were actually left slightly ajar at night -- for ventilation So that night they scaled the side of the stone building, swung over a ledge and let themselves in. According to Murphy, "Just like mountain climbers and skiers, as a jewel thief, you go for the challenge. It's dangerous, it's glamorous, there's an adrenalin rush. Upon entering the unguarded Gem Hall, they found the alarm batteries dead in their cases more over confidence on the Museum's part and they simply took what they liked. And what they liked included nothing less than the world's biggest star sapphire, the Star of India, which at carats is about the size of a golf ball.

It was a dumb plan. But it worked because in this instance the museum was just as dumb.

Dumber, really. But in the end, the way they finally got caught was probably the dumbest part of the whole adventure. Murf and his two buddies had been planning the heist while throwing raucous, nonstop parties at the posh Cambridge Hotel for weeks, and continued to do so after the theft- throwing money around like it was stolen, and bragging about their various exploits.

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Once the Museum opened and all the jewels were found missing the news spread like wildfire. It was all New York could talk about, and even if a nosey bellhop hadn't turned them in, another party guest surely would have. To say that they were indescret would be an understatement. Within a few days the guys were in lockup, and most of the stolen jewels were found hidden at a Miami bus station.

Minus nine big ass diamonds that had already been sold off.

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In the end, after an hilarious trial that involved multiple grand juries and Murphy actually jumping through a window, they were finally convicted. Ultimately, the professional party boys did serve a few years in prison. But hey man- it's all good. Murf learned to play the guitar. Not the contents of the room, mind you, the structure itself. The Nazis stole a lot of shit: art, gold, jewels But an entire structure?

The Jewel Thief (Love Bites) The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)
The Jewel Thief (Love Bites) The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)
The Jewel Thief (Love Bites) The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)
The Jewel Thief (Love Bites) The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)
The Jewel Thief (Love Bites) The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)

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