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“How Great Is Our God!” Gallery Exhibit Submission Form

Knippers is not an outlier, if you ask other artists whose artwork contains spiritual or religious themes or imagery. Art that references religious beliefs—Christian beliefs in particular—are not altogether absent from big city art galleries, but those works tend to take an ironic or satiric or cynical stance toward biblical stories and organized religion in general.

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Online campaigns to get rid of both artworks proved unsuccessful. More sincere expressions of spiritual or religious belief are difficult to find, and perhaps artists with a bent toward such work are discouraged from even trying. Elkins noted that those other identity markers, however, appear more fluid, open to changing and broadening interpretations, while religion seems more set in time and less open to reconsideration, certainly less tolerant of difference.

The whys of the matter may seem a bit moot to some students.

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Michelle Arnold Paine, a painter who earned an undergraduate degree from the religiously affiliated Gordon College in Gloucester, Mass. She learned to keep her temper in check, not quit the program in frustration or to adopt the ethos of the MFA department just to get along. All this makes the career of the religious artist more difficult.

Unlike other forms of difference that the world is told to tolerate, religion may need to stay in the closet. Please send me details about listing a convent or monastery guest house or Christian Hotel or property on the Good Night and God Bless website.

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The God Gallery The God Gallery
The God Gallery The God Gallery
The God Gallery The God Gallery
The God Gallery The God Gallery
The God Gallery The God Gallery

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