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Preview — Spindlecrook by G. Spindlecrook by G. Simon discovers that he has been chosen by an evil shape-shifter to star in an elaborate play that will end in his death unless he can steal the enchanted hand of the Veil Ripper and re-open the portal that leads him home.

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Get A Copy. Nook , pages. More Details Other Editions 2. Bonus: I never wake up craving caffeine or needing that first of the morning jolt to become coherent. BCM43 on Jan 23, Also, if you want to get to sleep, avoid screens TV, computer for the last hour or two before bedtime and you'll find it's a lot easier Is there evidence for this? I've heard it's true, and it seems to be from my personal experience, but I've never seen any kind of a study of it.

I'm not sure about the two hour timespan, but brightness appears to have an effect on sleep latency and the time it takes to fall asleep. Definitely install F. It takes a little while to get used to it, but I absolutely cannot stand normal monitors at night time now. When I occasionally disable F. I've recently done this, and it helps when I'm on-call and get woke up in the night.

I can now fall back asleep faster. Another item that helped, I've put oil lanterns up on the walls in my home office. I just got to remember to light them instead of flipping on a light switch, and all is good. That's a nice touch I hadn't thought of. Any ones you like in particular? I picked up a couple of generic ones, I think they are made by Lamplight Farms. They include a bracket that hangs on the wall with a reflector plate.

Of course, I picked up these ones about 10 years ago, and I can't find this particular model any more. I can only find the table top ones could probably put it on a shelf, with a mirror behind it for better effect. You can use either lamp oil or kerosene in most of them, the lamp oil doesn't stink as bad and if you get the "ultra pure" oil, there is hardly any smell at all. Also, last time I had a power outage I was able to keep the flame lit on a pilot light height through the night with hardly any oil used and it made a nice night light -- don't know how safe it is though.

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Create on Jan 24, There are some citations on the f. You should try taking 5mg of melatonin around 9pm.

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I have trouble falling asleep before am, too. Undeterred, I stay up too late every night working on whatever project I have and can't sleep because I'll lay awake thinking about it. If I take a melatonin I get the benefit of becoming inept at writing code by 10 and will be sound asleep before 11 and ready to wake up hours before I have to start my day. My sleep doctor advised taking less, and earlier 1. This is good advice.

Taking melatonin when you go to bed will help you sleep, but taking it a few hours before you want to go to bed helps retrain your circadian cycle which is the goal, not just going to sleep easily. Do you have a source you can cite for this? I'm keenly interested in how this works. You have sleep doctors in the US? Sleep medicine is a subfield of neurology. I can definitely attest to the fact that my periods of greatest productivity tend to come in spurts as the book talks about sprints of say 90 or so minutes of highly concentrated work as opposed to being the result of long slogs of say 10 hours of coding, which tends to produce volumes of code, but not necessarily my best code.

You couldn't bring yourself to sleep before midnight even when waking up at 5am on regular basis? I consider myself night owl too, nowadays I fall asleep at around 1am. But I used to work in construction, getting up at am every day and just after couple weeks of this routine, I would fall asleep at pm - pm, usually while watching TV :. I'm a night owl, and a few decades agoI was on a rigid Army training schedule for months at a time, where we would be released for the night around 1am-2am and already have roll call at am; I would still not fall asleep until am.

This was not physical training, although we did do a short physical exercise daily, and a an hour long one three times a week My pre-army reserves carried me through the first 3 months, and then I would just uncontrollably crash for minutes at lunch time. My eyesight deteriorated significantly much improved after I started getting some sleep again, thankfully, but not as good as it used to be, unfortunately and I'm sure my body was otherwise harmed, although I did have more waking hours than at any other time I can remember. Unless I actually do something physically taxing during the day.

Agreed on the cons.

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I've tried this as well for a while and it does require a huge change in lifestyle. My gym time was cut down to nothing as I would usually get up and hit the gym prior to work going to the gym in the evenings is very tough for me. So although my sleep time was the same I was still going to bed and waking up at the same time as before , by taking out my gym routine, I was actually feeling more tired, down and otherwise less alert. I'm a nihgt owl with kids. I've been living on the 1am to express o train for the last 5 years, holding down a job too. It can be done, but you have to let yourself give-in sometimes.

I hit a wall every three months or so and have one day where I crash at about pm sleeping the whole night through. That's enough to recharge my batteries.

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  5. Did I mention I'm no spring chicken either I can say from watching my father do this while I grew up that this is extremely unhealthy on the body. Sure you can do it, sure you can recharge every few many months but this will not work out in the long run. By that I mean accidents are looming when you live with this little sleep regularly.

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    6. Trust me on this before its too late to say I wish I would have slept more. There is strong evidence that links sleep deprivation over time, even minor, to long term health problems. As someone who cut sleep for years 6 hours was normal in twenties and much of thirties , I can attest that at some point, it becomes difficult to operate on less sleep.

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      If all of your coping strategies involve putting in more time essentially at the expense of sleep , when you can no longer cut the sleep, you may be in a bind when that is no longer the corner that can be cut. Though not always, that point in time often coincides with when your parental commitments are at their peek as well, and as a parent, you probably shouldn't cut that corner. So what then Something like the Pomodoro method helped me alot. Or just be really rich. Just curious, but how much coffee is mg of Caffeine? Starbucks lists caffeine per drink which I think is a good universal reference point.

      Cannot agree more. Well said. Sometimes hard work is supposed to be hard. If you rely on passion or some sort of intrinsic motivation, then as soon as you come to a task you don't want to do i. I worked mornings non-stop on my little side project for around 6 months last year and slowed right down as soon as all the 'fun' stuff was over. Accepting that the work is sometimes going to suck is a more realistic and b more empowering. If you get used to short focused bursts of work you don't feel like doing, then there is quite literally nothing you can't achieve if you put your mind to it.

      I came to the same conclusion. Often when working on a difficult problem I used to think, "What the hell is wrong with me?

      Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code
      Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code
      Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code
      Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code
      Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code
      Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code Stormbringer: Book One of the Predators Code

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