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Flora on the Channel Islands include a unique subspecies of pine, oak, and the island tree mallow. Santa Rosa Island holds two groves of the Torrey pine subspecies Pinus torreyana var. Torrey pines are the United States' rarest pine species. Giant kelp forests surround the islands and act as a source of nutrition and protection for other animals. Invasive species , such as the Australian blue gum tree , olive tree, sweet fennel , and Harding grass , threaten native species through competition for light, nutrients, and water.

The Australian blue gum, for example, releases toxins in its leaf litter which prevents other species of plants from growing in the soil surrounding it. The blue gum, as well as other species including the Harding grass, are much more flammable and better adapted to wildfires than native species. In this formerly earthworm-free region, they change the distribution of plants and vegetation, making it possible for non-native plants to invade.

The Channel Islands and the waters surrounding hold many endemic species of animals, including fauna such as the Channel Islands spotted skunk, island scrub jay , ashy storm-petrel , Santa Cruz sheep , San Clemente loggerhead shrike , and the San Clemente sage sparrow.

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Many species of large marine mammals, including pacific gray whales , blue whales , humpback whales , and California sea lions breed or feed close to the Channel Islands. Current occurrences of the critically endangered North Pacific right whales and historically abundant Steller's sea lions in these areas are unknown. Seabirds, including the western gulls , bald eagles , pigeon guillemots , and Scripps's murrelets use the islands as well for shelter and breeding grounds. The endemic island fox is California's smallest natural canine and has rebounded from its near extinction in the late s.

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Several endemic reptile and amphibian species including the island fence lizard , island night lizard , and Channel Islands slender salamander live on the islands. Conservation efforts are being made to maintain the islands' endemic species. Feral livestock, including pigs, goats, and sheep, pose a threat to many of the species, including the San Clemente loggerhead shrike and Channel Islands spotted skunk. In , an outbreak of canine distemper swept through Santa Catalina Island severely reducing the island skunk and fox populations. Rabies and distemper vaccination programs were initiated to protect the island's wildlife.

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Canine distemper is thought to have been brought to the islands on a stowaway raccoon or a domestic dog. In the s, bald eagles and peregrine falcons on the Channel Islands became locally extinct after widespread use of pesticides such as DDT. Golden eagles , which are natural competitors of other birds of prey , do not primarily feed on these animals and were able to colonize the islands in the early s. In the early s, golden eagles were live trapped and relocated.

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The Channel Islands National Park established a bald eagle webcam on their website in Santa Cruz Island was the setting for scenes in the final episode of season three of the American TV crime drama series Bosch , shown in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the islands in California. For the islands in the English Channel, see Channel Islands.

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For other uses, see Channel Island disambiguation. Santa Barbara Ventura Los Angeles. Garibaldi , Catalina Island. California moray eel. Sea fan , Anacapa Island. Anemones , Catalina Island. Islands portal California portal. Ventura California. Retrieved Organic Geochemistry.

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      April 19, Retrieved December 14, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 30 March National Park Service ".


      Channel Islands National Park. Retrieved 7 May Archived from the original on San Clemente Island. Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 8 May Walker, Gregory. Version International Union for Conservation of Nature. Retrieved 11 May Retrieved 9 May Retrieved 11 October Retrieved 5 June Retrieved 1 September Channel Islands of California. Ask a question or share local news. Get ready for your sweet treats by the sea! A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on Friday, Sept. By Ashley Ludwig, Patch Staff. Cavetown, Asleep At The Wheel and more are coming to a venue near you.

      From reusable sandwich bags to glass carafes, check out these vibrant and chic kitchen items that are also saving the environment. By Patch Deals, Patch Staff. Looking for things to do this weekend in Southern California? Patch has you covered. By Kristina Houck, Patch Staff. In , there were hate incidents and 67 crimes recorded in OC, in an "alarming percent increase" from , a report shows. A live rabid bat was discovered in an Anaheim parking lot, Thursday, the 4th found over 2 weeks time.

      If you see one report it! The new regulation denies Title X federal family planning funds to health clinics that refer women for abortions. What to expect from the weather this weekend in the San Clemente area. By Weather News, Patch Staff.

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      Peek inside a few of the homes currently on the market near you. He chose to ignore the warnings, He chose to use drugs. He chose to drive Here are the most recently listed houses available in the San Clemente area. A looming change in what is known as the "public charge" rule is sowing confusion and fear within the immigrant community. By CalMatters, News Partner. San Clemente Park Rangers will work with OCSD to ensure our parks and beaches remain clean and safe for all to use, the city manager said.

      San Clemente (Images of America) San Clemente (Images of America)
      San Clemente (Images of America) San Clemente (Images of America)
      San Clemente (Images of America) San Clemente (Images of America)
      San Clemente (Images of America) San Clemente (Images of America)
      San Clemente (Images of America) San Clemente (Images of America)
      San Clemente (Images of America) San Clemente (Images of America)
      San Clemente (Images of America) San Clemente (Images of America)

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