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Mystery surrounds Mexico's missing students, five years later

The Higgs boson, which lends other particles their mass, has a mass of billion EV. Protons, the particles at the center of atoms, have masses of about million eV. Electrons are a mere , eV. This experiment confirms that neutrinos are incredibly tiny.

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Physicists already know how much energy is involved when a neutron decays. Some of the energy is converted into the mass of the neutrino and the mass of the electron. And the rest gets poured into those newly-created particles, very roughly dictating how fast they go.

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Usually, that extra energy gets distributed pretty evenly between the electron and the neutrino. But sometimes most or all of the remaining energy gets dumped into one particle or another.

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In that case, all of the energy left over after the neutrino and electron are formed is dumped into the electron partner, forming a super-high-energy electron, Robertson said. The physicists who designed the experiment didn't try to measure the neutrinos; those are allowed to escape the machine untouched.

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  7. Instead, the experiment funnels the electrons into a giant vacuum chamber, called the spectrometer. An electric current then creates a very strong magnetic field that only the highest-energy electrons can pass through.

    At the other end of that chamber is a device that counts how many electrons make it through the field. Next Monday sees the fifth iteration of International Podcast Day , an independently-run event featuring online workshops from across the globe, aimed at audio-makers both new and established. The Missing Cryptoqueen.

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    Tech expert Jamie Bartlett and producer Georgia Catt are the duo behind this hugely gripping new podcast. Dr Ruja Ignatova was the polished entrepreneur with an impressive CV and an even more impressive claim: that her OneCoin cryptocurrency would overtake Bitcoin and make its investors rich. British reporters Alice Fiennes and Poppy Damon are measured and non-judgmental as they meet a range of enthusiasts.

    Overview Act immediately if you believe your child is missing.

    No Child Stands Alone.

    What to do if your child is missing. Immediately call your local law enforcement agency.

    If your child is missing from home, search through: Closets. Piles of laundry. In and under beds. Inside large appliances.

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