Legion and The Emperors Soul

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She attempts to recreate the soul of Emperor Ashravan with the help of his councillor Gaotona. Hoid appears in the sample chapter. She starts off in prison, but instead of being executed, she is offered an opportunity. The emperor has been wounded in the head by assassins, and has become a vegetable. His attendants have hidden this from the empire and will trade Shai her life in exchange for creating a Forgery of the emperor's soul, hopefully making it seem like the attack on his life never happened.

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The book is set in the cosmere , taking place in the same world as Elantris , though in a very different region and without any of the characters from Elantris. Hoid was written into the original prologue, as the Imperial Fool who set up Shai to be caught stealing the Sceptre. The scene was removed due to Brandon's alpha readers not liking it. The god which Shai worships has some relevance to the whole cosmere.

The Emperor's Soul

Note: the Postscript is found in Arcanum Unbounded , a collection of Cosmere stories. The tojang , or red stamps that adorned much of the artwork, stood out to him. In addition to the stamps of the artists who created the work, scholars and nobility who particularly liked the work would add their stamp to it, as well. From these stamps came the idea of Soulstamps, capable of rewriting the nature of an object's existence. A con-exclusive version of this and Legion was printed at some point, and a similar version was published in the UK by Gollancz. Winner of the Hugo Award in The Emperor's Soul consists of one prologue, fourteen chapters, and one epilogue, reaching a total 31, word count.

There are three different unique point-of-view characters in a total of 21 POVs. From The Coppermind. This meta article is still missing information.

Please help The Coppermind by expanding it. Namespaces Page Discussion. Great podcast once again.

The best book with a theme of forgery! A magic system in which Philately is the basis of true power, amongst the few with the knowledge of how to use them… the symbology of the images on them and whatnot determines the sorts of magic they can be used in, while quality and rarity determine the power of the spell in question. Very small initial print run, perfect quality, quite likely the only extant copy. A misprinted memento mori grim reaper image… the key piece required for a spell to grant immortality.

I love the In depth podcast! The bit at the end where she decides to go after Hoid? That said, while I also liked Legion, the ending on that one made me feel like it should be the start of a series. In Legion, it feels like a private eye grudgingly taking on a missing persons case.

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To me at least, this makes the plot of Legion feel like the early part of a book where the Noir Private Eye takes on a routine case that accidentally pushes him into the main plot of the rest of the book. We also get the feeling that the magic is well understood. In Legion the only plot threads that got resolved are why the camera kept not working and what happened to the inventor. This implies, to me, that there is more book coming, because we still have too many things unresolved.

The Forger is going to get away and look for Hoid for awhile, the Emperor is going to become a better ruler, and Gaotona is maybe going to be a bit less harsh to the Emperor.

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You get the sense that things will work out. Ultimately, the way Legion was written, it feels like it demands a novel length sequel, while TES feels like a good stand alone book.

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If it had been, I think that her finding Hoid again at the end would have had to be in there too. As for the Writing Prompt, well, when you say stamps, my mind goes directly to postage stamps. See, even though the stamp can only produce small probability changes, it can keep doing that over the course of the entire trip. So, when you multiply one coincidence per hour by the number of hours in a month, you can get some crazy improbable results.

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It becomes similar to the magic rings that appear back home even when you try to get rid of them. Anyway, I think this has a number of cool potential applications. So… ready?

Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul
Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul
Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul
Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul
Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul
Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul
Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul
Legion and The Emperors Soul Legion and The Emperors Soul

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