Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2

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Gift giving has definitely changed. Those who already have two kettles may wish to go on a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, which is perfectly understandable. Sarah seems to be one of those women that is always the bridesmaid and never ever the bride. Maybe that is why she is so stuck on stupid when it comes to giving a gift. I feel sorry for her. At the bride and grooms cost of course.

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Heaven forbid you might repay them even slightly with either a token gift or token donation towards their life together. I have been to so many weddings, that I lost count! I also have a very hectic schedule. I am in fact in the process of plannng my wedding.

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So you mean to tell me that you are ok with buying something that someone has already given them to have to return it to find asomething else? Certain cultures that is a ritual for them, so what does that say about them? Either your going to oblige by the couples request or your not. I totally agree with Sarah. A gift is not something that someone should ever feel that they are entitled to. When someone is getting wed, they should have the finances to pay for everything they have included in their big day.

Their wedding is also a celebration of the joining of two families and the presence of friends and family is a blessing in itself. At a push register somewhere i. If you are wishing to get your friend something they wish then, as a friend, you should already know they would appreciate cash. I agree with both Nicola and Sarah. He lives over miles away and is banking on the fact that I and many other family members will not be able to travel including my elderly mother who is in poor health.

They have asked for cash gifts to pay for their honeymoon which they intend to take in the sun. I am very much against this and not just because I think it is rude to expect a gift. They have taken a holiday less than six months ago, leaving their two children with family members. It seems that they are intending to abandon the children again, the youngest who is not yet two. It may not be the done thing to take kids on honeymoon with you but it is not that long ago to have children before the wedding was unheard of too.

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I think that if they want a foreign honeymoon they should get a credit card to pay for it. I could not disagree more with Blossom. Her entire comment is laced with judgement about how other people should live their lives according to her right-wing preferences. We are in the process of planning for our wedding next year and keep hearing of friends who ideally wanted cash because they have lived together for years before tying the knot.

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The subject on whether to ask for gifts at all is plit not just if you are asking for cash instead of stuff. This way it is hopefully clear that not bringing a gift is perfectly acceptable as we want the guests to attend first and foremost, but as some guests will want to bring a gift then we are telling them what we want, what we will do with it and that it will be used later in the year. Hi Kev, thank you for your comment. Well done and enjoy your wedding planning!

Sorry, I have a quick question, if asking for money, whats the best way to leave the donation at the venue.??


I really do not see a problem in cash giving! In fact in many cultures it is the norm! I am Italian and Cypriot and giving cash is what we do, whether it be in an envelope or pinning it onto the bride and groom. Both Sarah and Nichola have a very valid point. However asking for a token gift of money is very acceptable.

Did daddy pay for everything?? Unfortunately we work very hard to achieve our dreams. And one of those is to tie the knot.

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Iam hoping that our guests at our wedding will contribute to our new life together as man and wife. I think it is rude to come to wedding and not give a gift, the bride and groom have asked you to come to a celebration of their new life together, they are providing you with entertainment for the weekend and meals to boot…I understand if you are coming from a long ways away but if you live close by…whats the harm?

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  • You are absou. Could save me a fortune……. Because of how many people we are inviting we do not have enough money left over for a honeymoon. If I was a guest I would maybe consider the fact that the bride and groom may have had to sacrifice something in order for you to attend a beautiful day, far from selfish or rude! I am marrying in September of this year.

    And have just finished printing my invites. Can I get an opinion. On a separate note with information I wrote. The envelope box will be located by the head table.

    Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2 Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2
    Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2 Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2
    Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2 Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2
    Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2 Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2
    Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2 Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2
    Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2 Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2
    Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2 Invitation to Pleasure: Open Invitation, Book 2

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