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Soon afterwards Tom caught the first fish. He looked at it and said, "Grandma, I don't have to be quiet because the fish can't hear me 'cause they don't have ears! And I was to afraid to add my two cents worth that I agreed with Tom.

Years later I found out that my Grandma had been an avid fisherlady in her younger days and she wanted silence when she went fishing. I wondered how she commanded that silence when she had seven children, six of whom were boys and their favorite summer activity was to go family camping, fishing and frogging on weekends.

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Do as the Iranians Do. American Water USAge. Conservation of Water. Water Distribution on the Earth. Whatever happened to those dishes? Once while perusing photos with my mom, Nanette, and Aunt Irma, I pointed at a very old photo of Grandma and noted that just the week before, Grandma wore the same dress.

Grandma kept a small garden in her backyard.

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I recall she grew grapes, dill, cucumbers. Vat else? Rhubarb maybe? I remember a mauve colored couch in the living with a scratchy feel. The arm chair that Grandpa sat in was green, and also very scratchy. There were lace doilies on the arms of the chairs. Grandpa smoked. There was a stash of rock candy in the cupboard in the dining room, and yes, the picture of President Roosevelt.

On Passover everyone sat at a long table and when we got bored during the Seder, we would play under the table. Meyer and Dad would yell at Grandma to sit down! Stop doing this or that. I remember Passovers too. My recollection is less specific in detail, rather a memory of a boisterous, warm family celebrating together.

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Jill does the accent. And I would toddle over for the Ritz cracker. I also remember helping Grandma make a challah. She gave me a small piece of dough to braid. Sometimes Mother and Dad left me, me and Michael? They would come by and pick us up. Grandma was just babysitting. I was crying. Toby: When Grandpa died, I remember that the mirror in the living room was covered over. Mike: Me too, but mostly I remember that when I asked Grandma why it was covered, she burst into tears. That upset me more than the thought of death. The year must have been around , when the story of the U-2 spy plane broke.

Her black-and-white television was on, tuned to a live broadcast of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. He was speaking in Russian, a simultaneous translation following with a slight lag. Grandma suddenly convulsed in laughter. Grandma shook her head. Do you know what he said, she smiled. What Khrushchev actually said was that the President was like a cat that got a rat in his mouth, and could neither swallow it nor spit it out. It was a revelation. Grandma speaks Russian! And it was a lesson for an aspiring journalist. Check it out.

Grandmas play ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’ with celebrities – and it’s hilarious

The scent of dill is always my first thought when I think of her house and it took me a few years to figure out why my chicken soup never tasted like hers. I loved going there in the summer and eating on her huge porch. And I would also find pieces of paper where Grandma had practiced writing her name several times.

Such kvelling! However, I have to admit that when she took her teeth out at night it was a little scary for some reason. And…she always used to tell me that I should marry Reed! Memory by Joe Maidenberg at age 16, adapted from his tribute in the Milt and Irma 50th Anniversary book. There are Dymo stickers everywhere, including my favorite:. A dish on the table has peppermints in it and a drawer in the bar is stuffed with gum.

It has a mirrored ceiling and all manner of bizarre items. When we went to town, we would cluster around Grandpa, each putting in his two cents: I want candy! Stop spoiling those children. They ought to eat real food, not candy and junk. We piled into the huge green car may it rest in peace and headed to the store.

Give Grandma your Two Cents

We arrived back home toys in hand and artificial flavors in our mouths. Grandma was raving at Grandpa for buying us huge sticks of grape bubble gum, but I could tell she enjoyed seeing us happy. The original Dymo sticker so well remembered. Click on image to receive full talismanic benefit. Memory by Ted Maidenberg at age 14, adapted from his tribute in the Milt and Irma 50th Anniversary book. We would pick pears [from an Asian apple-pear tree], play baseball and generally have fun.

No matter how busy Grandpa or Grandma were they would make me feel better. If I wanted a snack they would stop what they were doing and make me one. Memory by Dan Maidenberg at age 11, adapted from his tribute in the Milt and Irma 50th Anniversary book. The little hamburgers made with bread are a unique delicacy.

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Grandma and Grandpa: Grandpa amused me with his sense of humor. He has a coin collection that I have always been fascinated with.

Grandmas Two Cents Grandmas Two Cents
Grandmas Two Cents Grandmas Two Cents
Grandmas Two Cents Grandmas Two Cents
Grandmas Two Cents Grandmas Two Cents
Grandmas Two Cents Grandmas Two Cents
Grandmas Two Cents Grandmas Two Cents

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