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Drina Verchesi.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Leonard Catholic Church just down the road from his home. Ultimately, he tired of his horn and began pouring his energy into a digital camera, which he first used to take photos of muskies and walleyes for a Bosnian fishing magazine. It has since become his tool for sharing Eastern European life with Minnesotans.

On a recent trip to Bosnia, he photographed a bridge over the Drina River in Gorazde, later playing with the colors on a computer to create the image of a painting. He did the same to a photograph of a young Bosnian woman, creating a fresco-like image with a yellow background.

Some of his work is on display at Fine Art America. He shows these photographs, and many others of various subjects cars are a favorite , at festivals and photography competitions in western Minnesota. I try to bring it a little closer.


Kok said that teaching beading to Minnesota women, who in turn have taught her how to knit, has helped forge relationships that were once elusive, in part because of language barriers. Lisa Rathje, a folklorist and teacher at Goucher College in Baltimore, traveled throughout Minnesota as a consultant for the Minnesota State Arts Board , looking, in particular, for examples of folk art. She said she was struck by the interesting work being done by immigrant and refugee artists — much of it non-commercially — and the interesting combination of cultures that can be expressed in various works.

Indeed, the State Arts Board, through its Folk and Traditional Arts funding program, has provided thousands of dollars in grants to artists in rural Minnesota — many of them from recent immigrant groups.

Drina Verchesi. - NYPL Digital Collections

The broadening ethnic dimension of rural Minnesota is evident in Pelican Rapids, an Otter Tail County town of 2, people where Somalis, Eastern Europeans, Latin Americans and others were first drawn by work at West Central Turkeys and other agricultural industries. An anonymous reservist told Danas , a Belgrade daily newspaper, that he saw a freezer truck being pushed into the lake, after the water level had been lowered. A rocket had been fired into the truck to sink it but corpses started to emerge from the hole made by explosion.

The bodies were buried near the village of Rastiste.

The bodies that emerged two days later were buried in a separate grave, next to the first. The reservist said that the operation was characterized as a "state secret".

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It is assumed that at least ten and possibly dozens of truckloads of bodies were taken from Kosovo to Serbia to be dumped underwater or buried in mass graves. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Politika in Serbian. Retrieved 3 August Politika-Magazin, No. Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. The Guardian.

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The Independent. International Commission on Missing Persons.

Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina Finding Drina
Finding Drina

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