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Connection and community define who we are.

Nor did most people, even most anarchists and libertarians, bother to properly define and declare individual rights and liberties. REASON : A reasonable person does not pray but reasons and, as far as possible, if he is already free to acts upon his reasoning and this quite tolerantly towards all others, who merely do their own things, at their own risk and expense.


Otherwise, he will strive for this liberty or right for himself and all others. REASON : Alas, history teaches that its actions are rarely logical and that there is nothing more unreasonable than to build upon human reason. It is quite unreasonable to expect to be able to build upon ignorance, errors, prejudices and myths and to call them human reason. REASON : All writers on the science of policy are agreed, and they agree with experience, that all governments must frequently infringe the rules of justice to support themselves; that truth must give way to dissimulation, honesty to convenience, and humanity to the reigning interest.

The whole of this mystery of iniquity is called the reason of state. It is a reason which I own I cannot penetrate. In the examination of a great and important question, everyone should be serene, slow-pulsed and calm.

Once all errors, prejudices, myths, false assumptions etc. I, section REASON : Because they know not the forces of nature, and in order that they may have comrades in their ignorance, they suffer not that others should search out anything, and would have us believe like rustics and ask no reason But we ask in all things a reason must be sought. REASON: Blind belief can be comforting, but it can easily cripple reason and productivity, and stop intellectual progress.

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James Randi — Let them have their way — and suffer under their own beliefs — but only among themselves, under full exterritorial autonomy! The bills of rights and the militias of governments are all too poor and incomplete substitutes. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there is one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear. Curtis, A Commonplace Book , p.

REASON : Free is, not he who acts upon his individual pleasure, but he who can wholeheartedly live in accordance with the precepts of reason. REASON : Give currency to reason, improve the moral code of society, and the theory of one generation will be the practice of the next. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

REASON : Homo sapiens , the only creature endowed with reason, is also the only creature to pin its existence on things unreasonable. Quoted in Seldes. First Institute. Lowe Porter. REASON : Human reason, without any reference whatsoever to God, is the sole arbiter of truth and falsehood, and of good and evil; it is law to itself, and suffices by its natural force to secure the welfare of men and of nations. Reasonable people tend to be cowards. And my life is devoted to an attempt to respect and serve these two beliefs.

I do not know of any. If we violate the principles of reason, our religion will be absurd and ridiculous.

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REASON : In a republican nation whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of first importance. A just punishment for indiscriminately murderous terrorists can only be achieved once any prior real, not imagined, injustices have been ended and restitution has been achieved as far as possible.

Territorialists never seriously explore to what extent their territorialism continuously produces terrorists and to what extent exterritorial autonomy for all volunteer communities could prevent it, if it is accompanied by good enough refutations of collective responsibility claims. REASON : It certainly cannot be necessary to throw away your reason to save your soul, because after that your soul is not worth saving. REASON : It may indeed prove to be far the most difficult and not the least important task for human reason rationally to comprehend its own limitations.

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It is essential for the growth of reason that as individuals we should bow to forces and obey principles which we cannot hope fully to understand, yet on which the advance and even the preservation of civilisation depend. Suits in JLS, Sum. For nothing is law that is not reason. Bernard, 2 Lord Raymond, It warns us itself of its feebleness and informs us of its own limitations. Statism for statists only! If anarchists and libertarians understood that, they could even ally themselves with as tolerant statists against the intolerant territorial statists.

Here one should consider that statism comes in uncounted diverse factions, that under territorialism are also largely suppressed. Thus we should aim to liberate even statists into their form of voluntary statism. Here we should consider that it took a long time for at least a few anarchists and libertarians to accept panarchism and its tolerance and some of them who did, are still not quite sure that they should aim at panarchies for all sorts of statists as well, as a step that is a ethically correct and b also a rational step towards their own exterritorial liberation.

The God des of reason and freedom is watching you! What did you fail to do? And we let them and do not even sufficiently question or resist their power over us but rather accepted their lies, excuses and false pretences. REASON : Many are destined to reason wrongly; others, not to reason at all; and others to persecute those who do reason. REASON : Moral perfection is an unbreached rationality — not the degree of your intelligence, but the full and relentless use of your mind, not the extent of your knowledge, but the acceptance of reason as an absolute.

REASON : Moreover, the Life of Reason is an ideal to which everything in the world should be subordinated; it establishes lines of moral cleavage everywhere and makes right eternally different from wrong. If it was to deliver any miracles, I would have to work for them. I have neither. I merely try to be just and reasonable and believe that sound ideas can be made to work.

It is a sure maxim in law, for Reason is the life of Law. But to which percentage of all laws does this rule apply? Nevertheless, as dissenting individuals and minorities, we are not yet free to secede from the avalanches or wrongful laws and to establish our own alternative communities under personal laws preferred for ourselves, as free and reasonable or as unfree and unreasonable as we wish them to be, always at our own risk and expense only and without claiming any territorial monopoly. I for one prefer the ones coming from the one on my neck. Your egg-head might not give you sufficient thrills.

With mine a new insight, idea or quite fitting expression gives me the greatest thrill. Actually, our brains are also most important sex organs. Without them neither emotions nor sexual pleasures could be felt at all.


But they are good for much more and all too often they are left all too much unused or under-utilized. Read, Vision , summary of chapter Gooch — Territorial politics is, by its very nature, separated from morality. Which they are not in spheres still monopolized by territorial governments.

They, too, need largely division of labor between their talents and the exterritorial freedom and rights required for their fruitful cooperation. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself; and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.

All too often it enforces the obedience of reasonable beings to irrational commands of ignorant people. I have never heard about any territorial government that was quite reasonable in all its ideas, opinions and actions. Have you? Shaftesbury, quoted in Leonard E. Read, The Love of Liberty , p. Charles R. REASON : Reason demands tolerance for the under-informed and unreasonable people, as long as they do their own things only at the own expense and risk.

REASON : Reason deserves to be called a prophet; for in showing us the consequence and effect of our actions in the present, does it not tell us what the future will be? Most of them were unreasonable! Thomas Aquinas, - Opusc. But those, who believe that they know a bit more than others do, should at least be free to act at their own expense and risk — as exterritorialy autonomous panarchistic volunteers and pioneers. We do not learn enough from the failures of territorial politicians.

Both they and their victims rather look for scape-goats and supposed culprits than reasonably examine causes of failures. REASON : Reason is the aptitude to examine a proposition as to the correctness of premise without being influenced by established prejudices or traditional thought patterns. REASON : Reason is the crucible in which is determined the value of ideas, and no one who was ever truly great has accepted ideas which were not tested in the crucible of reason, or rejected those which stood the test.

Ward Hemens.

The worst still tend to get to the top.

Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)
Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)
Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)
Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)
Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)
Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)
Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)
Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine) Digital-SF - Issue 001 (Digitral-SF Magazine)

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