Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)

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And I woke up last night and couldn't go to sleep again because I remembered an i I hadn't dotted in a question I wrote on the board.

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I'm certain Jen Pringle would notice it and a whisper will go around the clan about it. As they are the 'e-light,' this may mean that socially I may be banned in Summerside. Well, we'll see. The battle is on but is not yet either won or lost. Still, I feel rather unhappy over it all. You can't reason with prejudice.

I'm still just as I used to be in my childhood. I can't bear to have people not liking me. It isn't pleasant to think that the families of half my pupils hate me. And for no fault of my own. It is the injustice that stings me. There go more italics! But a few italics really do relieve your feelings. There are some clever, ambitious, hard-working ones who are really interested in getting an education. Lewis Allen is paying for his board by doing housework at his boarding-house and isn't a bit ashamed of it. And Sophy Sinclair rides bareback on her father's old gray mare six miles in and six miles out every day.

There's pluck for you! If I can help a girl like that, am I to mind the Pringles? It isn't a boardinghouse.

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And they like me. I don't pet him much when Rebecca Dew is around because it really does irritate her. By day he is a homely, comfortable, meditative animal. Rebecca says it is because he is never allowed to stay out after dark. She hates to stand in the back yard and call him.

She says the neighbors will all be laughing at her.

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She calls in such fierce, stentorian tones that she really can be heard all over the town on a still night shouting for 'Puss. Every day I like them better. Aunt Kate doesn't believe in reading novels, but informs me that she does not propose to censor my reading-matter. Aunt Chatty loves novels. She has a 'hidy-hole' where she keeps them. It is in a chair seat which nobody but Aunt Chatty knows is more than a chair seat. She has shared the secret with me, because, I strongly suspect, she wants me to aid and abet her in the aforesaid smuggling.

There shouldn't really be any need for hidy-holes at Windy Poplars, for I never saw a house with so many mysterious cupboards. Though to be sure, Rebecca Dew won't let them be mysterious. She is always cleaning them out ferociously.

I am sure she would make short work of a novel or a pack of cards if she found them. They are both a horror to her orthodox soul. Rebecca Dew says cards are the devil's books and novels even worse. The only things Rebecca ever reads, apart from her Bible, are the society columns of the Montreal Guardian.

She loves to pore over the houses and furniture and doings of millionaires. She has produced from somewhere a comfortable old wing chair of faded brocade that just fits my kinks and says, 'This is your chair. We'll keep it for you. Aunt Kate showed me her engagement ring she can't wear it because it has grown too small set with turquoises.

But poor Aunt Chatty owned to me with tears in her eyes that she had never had an engagement ring. She does it every night to preserve her complexion, and has sworn me to secrecy because she doesn't want Aunt Kate to know it. And I am sure Rebecca Dew thinks that no Christian woman should try to be beautiful.

By Walt Whitman

I used to slip down to the kitchen to do it after Kate had gone to sleep but I was always afraid of Rebecca Dew coming down. She has ears like a cat's even when she is asleep. If I could just slip in here every night and do it. Campbell who was a Pringle! I haven't seen her but from what I can gather she is a very grim old lady. She has a maid, Martha Monkman, almost as ancient and grim as herself, who is generally referred to as 'Mrs.

Campbell's Woman. Her mother, who is dead, was a granddaughter of Mrs. Campbell, who brought her up also.

Her parents being dead. She married a certain Pierce Grayson, a 'Yankee,' as Mrs.

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Rachel Lynde would say. She died when Elizabeth was born and as Pierce Grayson had to leave America at once to take charge of a branch of his firm's business in Paris, the baby was sent home to old Mrs. The story goes that he 'couldn't bear the sight of her' because she had cost her mother's life, and has never taken any notice of her. This of course may be sheer gossip because neither Mrs. Campbell nor the Woman ever opens her lips about him.

The things that she says sometimes! And they make her do it. Campbell says there are to be no cowards in her house. They watch her like two cats watching a mouse, and boss her within an inch of her life. If she makes a speck of noise they nearly pass out. It's "hush, hush" all the time. I tell you that child is being hush-hushed to death.

And what is to be done about it? She seems to me a bit pathetic. Aunt Kate says she is well looked after from a physical point of view. I can never forget what my own life was before I came to Green Gables. The only drawback will be that everybody I see will ask me how I like teaching in Summerside. I find it in my heart to wish I were there now with.

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Isn't it delicious? What a thrill of superiority it must have given the grandfather! Wouldn't you really prefer it to 'Gilbert darling, etc. But, on the whole, I think I'm glad you're not the grandfather. It's wonderful to think we're young and have our whole lives before us. Last night I had such a lovely walk with myself.

Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)
Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)
Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)
Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)
Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)
Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)
Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)
Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6) Contented Winds (Quiet Reflections Book 6)

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