Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3)

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I can't wait to check this out later tonight. Yes, but is it also possible to fix the way movement is handled? Fixing the movement would be a great dream come true. The OP mentioned something about Garrett that isn't finished yet. Bump, we're going 1. I hope this can make your summer a bit better! Congratulations and thanks! I am pretty sure it was a looong way. Congrats on release! Mirror - Download. Mailed to Rock Paper Shotgun. First little bug found, I don't know if Gold-related or just there since Game sometimes? I'm afraid I'll need a better description or even a savegame to test that. And we better use the beta thread for discussing it.

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Refine your skills with replayable HOPs and mini-games. Enjoy concept art, wallpapers, and more! Buy this game, Get 3 Punches!

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See More Games. Reviews at a Glance. Customer Reviews. Rated 5 out of 5 by driain from Bravo, Domini No need for a detailed review after the earlier thorough descriptions. Enough to say it is a puzzler's delight - even before you leave HQ - with the promise of a lengthy adventure.

Haven City Series: Books 1-3

These devs have been producing consistently interesting and innovative games over the last few years and this promises to be one of their best. Date published: Agent, your mission is to stop a rogue agent from destroying the Curio Society. Jack, a one-time agent for the society, is on a rampage and bent on revenge after being expelled from the society years ago — and now he is back. In an urgent message from the Chief, his last words before losing the connection were to find the scientist Mary Fincher.

Off you go on another mission and this time your very life may well depend on finding Mary. The HOPS are varied and there are many puzzles that will keep me happily engaged as I play through the story. If puzzles take you to your happy place, then I am sure you will enjoy solving the puzzles in this game. If you want to skip the puzzles, the custom mode of gameplay will allow you to skip them after 15 seconds. While the game has wonderful, colorful, and crisp graphics the voiceovers and dialog are a bit corny at times. The Custom mode allows you to set the hints and skips in a range of 15 to 90 seconds.

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Your tools include an interactive map and an antigravity scepter. The HOPS are varied in style and the items are not too difficult to find. I am not going to give you all the details because discovery is something that makes playing games fun. The puzzles are terrific, even those toggle types not my favorite type of puzzle proved solvable if I took my time. The game developer took the game to another level in my opinion by including the option of either an easy or hard setting for most puzzles. If you enjoy the CE version of games, this one includes the following extras: two types of collectibles to find throughout the game, morphing objects in some scenes, achievements to earn, a bonus chapter, strategy guide, replay of puzzles and HOPS, wallpapers, concept art, and music.

For me the extras represent a decent CE package. As a puzzle lover this game is perfect for me and an instant buy. Even though I enjoy the game, please be sure to try the demo to see if Thief of Life is one that you will like as well. It does seem I am perpetually drawn to purchasing their games. This is a very long game evidenced by a strategy guide which consists of 64 pages! I loved playing the demo and to me, it has the potential to become one of my favorite games. What an awesome mechanical feast! I loved the fact this is a long demo. It does give the potential player some idea of what the actual game will be like.

I also liked the fact the demo includes 14 — yes — 14 puzzles. There are more puzzles than are offered in complete games from other developers. Domini is the only developer who provides both an easy and hard option to their puzzles and it is evident that much work went into creating this game.

I played the beta and could not wait until this game appeared! A renegade ex-agent, a scientist, Jack ,is out for revenge against the society. He is attacking fellow agents. You will be aided by Mary Fincher in this game and a score of awesome devices, including an anti-gravity scepter. Words escape me to describe the amount of work and creativity which went into constructing these puzzles. I played BOTH the easy and the hard versions to get a feel for them. The developer has truly been able to provide puzzles which I believe will appeal to both those who want a low-key game with little challenge and to those who love some brain crushing effort in solving these.

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I have seen no other developer who provides this variation in difficulty for the puzzles with such expertise. I enjoyed playing the matching pairs scene. The spot the differences scene is beautifully rendered. I also like the fact that there is decent puzzle in one of the silhouette scenes.

A prototype which allows nullifies gravity so you can move objects with ease. There is also a blinking light which alerts you if you have missed any of the items. Will relate information about the Curio Society. Silhouette items. Very cool.

Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3) Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3)
Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3) Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3)
Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3) Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3)
Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3) Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3)
Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3) Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3)
Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3) Betas Thief (Haven City Series #3)

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