Air And Angels

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Air and Angels the poem is a double entendre with a separate meaning each time the poem is read. The difficulty level within this piece is revolutionary, yet cautious. From the initial meeting of that persons voice to the comfort it will bring.

To the passion in their eyes and the love spewing from their souls. Their body is a temple for the soul inhabited by love. Love is then compared to a warship carrying tones of wares or cargo.

Donne: Air and Angels

So much that the boat needs ballasting or extra stability to stay afloat. The first theme most people assume from reading the title is a spiritual one. Personifying his faith within an Angel Donned declares his love for his faith. Faith is believing in something that has not been or cannot be seen. So powerful it forces a bow and praises to be lifted.

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Level headed and omnipresent with an intimidating sense of security it is an overwhelming presence. Feelings of inordinate love so prominent and heavy that it can sink a pinnacle with love the mere count of the hairs on the head. The angel itself is not pure but the air it wears forgives its flaws and makes it one of purity.

Much like the love from above making Donned holy and forgiven of his mistakes. Donned begins with stating that before he saw his love he followed her voice and loved it.

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Wild and untamed like a wild fire her voice consumed him. He prayed and worshiped for her take a shape in which he would recognize as his love. Their love overcome with emotion nothing will understand and be able to stay.

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Neither of them perfect but their love together is as pure as it can get. This invisible emotion came from his invisible essence. And therefore what thou wert, and who. I bid love ask, and now.

Literary Analysis of the Poem Air and Angels by John Donne

This is how his love is able to take up residence within her body. Although the speaker seemed sure of his concept of love existing within the physical, he changes his mind. He now sees the body as being too much of a distraction from the pure, pristine love that came from his soul. Every thy hair for love to work upon.

For, nor in nothing, nor in things. Then as an angel, face and wings. It is in the fifth line of the second stanza that the speaker starts deciding the true appropriate place for love. The final lines in this section speak to the two sides of love.

Air and Angels

It is like the angels in many ways, but it comes from a human soul. This means that it will never be able to live in one extreme or the other. There has to be another solution. Just such disparity.

Air And Angels by Susan Hill

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John Donne: ‘Air and angels’

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Air And Angels Air And Angels
Air And Angels Air And Angels
Air And Angels Air And Angels
Air And Angels Air And Angels
Air And Angels Air And Angels
Air And Angels Air And Angels
Air And Angels Air And Angels

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